Our Competitive Edge

Driving excellence everyday

Our business is underpinned by continued investment in cutting-edge technology, supply chain capabilities and our talent to improve the quality and efficiency of our operations.

Our People

As a new breed of family business, we put people first by showing compassion, embracing diverse thinking and empowering our people to show up as their best selves.

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With solid financial performance, best-in-class working capital management and long-term banking relationships, we have the financial strength and capability to support the growth ambitions of our business and our valued partners.

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Supply Chain

Our end-to-end in-house capability, which seamlessly combines world-class supply chain systems with an industry-leading warehouse management system, enables AKI to meet ever-increasing customer expectations.

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Information Technology

Our advanced intuitive technology ecosystem provides us with a distinct competitive advantage across our businesses, enabling AKI to open new channels and expand our reach into new markets quickly and efficiently.

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Corporate Governance

Governance and Compliance at AKI is an integral part of our corporate culture and in establishing adherence to laws and internal regulations in all our business undertakings. Our commitment extends beyond merely understanding our regulatory commitments and encompasses aligning our actions with them, as an integral part of our daily operations.

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