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Corporate Governance

Integrity. Trust. Commitment.

Compliance at AKI is an integral part of our corporate culture and in establishing adherence to laws and internal regulations in all our business undertakings. Our commitment extends beyond merely understanding our regulatory commitments and encompasses aligning our actions with them, as an integral part of our daily operations. AKI’s dedication to compliance not only fosters trust among our employees and business partners but also acts as a robust safeguard for our company. We actively cultivate a corporate culture that establishes compliance throughout our operations, from our leadership team to every employee.

AKI is committed to the principles of ethical conduct, customer-centricity, and innovation reinforced by a culture that empowers and nurtures our employees cultivating an environment where collaboration, adaptability, and operational proficiency flourish.

Ethical policies and procedures

Our Ethical Policies and procedures stand as a comprehensive outline of the core principles that underpin compliant conduct within AKI. Serving as a foundational guide, these policies inform the spectrum of actions and decisions undertaken in our daily pursuits. This extends to our interactions with both employees and business partners, as well as shaping our ethically sound market practices and these directives are binding for all AKI employees across the entirety of our organisation.

If you would like to read our Business Courtesy guidelines and/or IRS policy, kindly email our Compliance Department at

Please click here to read our Code of Conduct.

How to report compliance issues

AKI employees and business partners are encouraged to contact AKI Internal Audit department if you have any questions about compliance issues via the reporting channels listed below: