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AKI and NeuroTracker pioneer cognitive training innovation in the MENA region

February 20, 2024

Al Khayyat Investments (AKI) has proudly announced an exclusive MENA partnership with NeuroTracker, a Montreal-based neurotech company owned by Nothing Artificial Inc. that specializes in assessing and enhancing cognitive functions for human performance and wellness. In particular, the two entities will collaborate in bringing NeuroTrackerX to the MENA region beginning in the UAE.


The official agreement was signed in Dubai, UAE, by Zaid S. Al Khayyat, Managing Director of AKI, Jonathan Anderson, Chairman and CEO of NeuroTracker, and Scott Kozak, President of NeuroTracker​.


NeuroTrackerX is a world-renowned cognitive training program designed to assess and improve mental performance for individuals as well as teams. Scientific studies show that NeuroTrackerX is beneficial for assessing and improving performance for athletes, personnel, healthy aging, people with cognitive-related medical conditions, college students, and children with learning difficulties. However, because NeuroTracker improves high-level mental abilities, it can be used by anyone looking to improve their mental performance.


As the most widely validated cognitive technology, NeuroTracker has been found to boost mental performance by 135% in just 90 minutes. Users have achieved a 40% gain in concentration ability and sustained attention, with the program also supporting a 99% reduction of the effects of cognitive fatigue. NASA, Bayer, and Manchester United Football Club are among the many organizations worldwide that have used NeuroTracker programs in recent years.


Monther Abbasi, CEO of AKI Medlab (Alphamed), notes: “Together with NeuroTracker, we are bringing game-changing cognitive technology to the Middle East.​ This partnership builds on AKI’s strong track record of introducing to market brands and ideas with meaningful impact, and in this case, empowering more people to achieve their goals.”


Jonathan Anderson, Chairman and CEO of NeuroTracker, says: “Partnering with AKI is a strategic move for NeuroTracker as we seek to establish our footprint in the MENA region for the first time. AKI’s entrepreneurial vision combined with its local expertise and robust infrastructure will undoubtedly be a growth engine for our brand and deepen our engagement with consumers.”


NeuroTracker was developed by Professor Jocelyn Faubert who is reputed to be one of the world’s preeminent neuroscientists in the field of visual perception following decades of research at the Faubert Lab at the University of Montreal.