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AKI Environmental Services brings smart, eco-friendly Qista mosquito control solutions to the UAE

May 30, 2024

AKI Environmental hosted a Think Tank event in Abu Dhabi on new techniques and technology for controlling mosquitoes. The Think Tank focused on eco-friendly alternatives to protecting communities while safeguarding human, animal, and environmental health.​

Here are some highlights:​

Experts from QISTA shared their insights into technology-driven solutions and how these innovations can revolutionise mosquito control, including open discussions on the adoption of safeguards to local communities.​

The session heard insights from Malik Hassan, Senior General Manager, AKI Environmental; Johanna Lerfel, Executive Director, French Healthcare Association; and Pierre BELLAGAMBI, CEO, QISTA, among others.​

AKI Environmental is proud to be the official distributor of QISTA for the region.​